Demo Room Australia, circa 1984


The photo shows from left to right:

LOC1000, Blank Panel (could be used for pen trend recorders), COP console, GAK (Group Annunciator Keyboard) and a second COP Console. Under the GAK is the configuration keyboard for the COP. The COP Operator keyboards were similar to but not the same as the LOC1000 keyboard. The configuration (QWERTY) keyboard for the LOC1000 is forward the operator's keyboard but is covered by an matching piece of plastic.

The original model DCU1000

DCU1000 Cabinet

Here you can see the DCU1000. The white areas on the left were the power supplies. The next vertical slots were the CPU/Memory/Communication boards. The next integrated area were the I/O boards. Below the main DCU1000 this photo shows two racks of I/O. Below these are two CTB's (Customer Terminal Boards.

DCI System Six DCU3200

DCU3200 Cabinet

The latest DCI DCU. A DCU3200. Now they put a Symphony logo on the bezel instead of the DCI SYSTEM SIX logo.

Thank you Bob Taylor for the photos!

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